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            G4S Academy takes security at Turkish bank to the next level Read more

            for Baltics manufacturer

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            G4S develops electric vehicle

            assembly safety gold standard 

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            Security Officers

            Far From a Normal Career

            Security evolution by G4S specialist Noah Price

            latest news

            G4S Academy takes security at Turkish bank to the next level

            The G4S Academy is a platform within G4S that enables our international organisation to strengthen our own expertise through collaborations and provide bespoke security solutions for our customers. When G4S in Turkey joined the G4S Academy, the team wasted no time in applying the G4S Academy’s principles and expertise to one of their biggest customers. 
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            G4S designs early-warning fire and security system for Vita Baltic International??

            An integrated, early-warning fire protection and security solution for Vita Baltic International, one of Europe’s biggest foam manufacturers, has brought peace of mind to the company at their Lithuania-based premises. 
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            G4S develops electric vehicle assembly safety gold standard

            G4S is working with the UK operations of a major European car manufacturer on safety best practice to ensure that electric vehicle assembly teams are properly protected
            Read more

            Providing expert security for Ecuador's leading banks

            G4S is the market leader in Ecuador providing peace of mind for many leading banks through G4S-designed technology and a highly-trained workforce which meets rigorous international standards.
            Read more

            Allied Universal? becomes a global leader in electronic monitoring through Attenti acquisition

            Allied Universal?, the leading global security and facility services company, continues its strategic growth with the acquisition of Attenti Group, one of the world’s leading electronic monitoring companies. 
            Read more

            Europe's largest nuclear decommissioning project chooses G4S to provide security

            G4S Secure Solutions UK, an Allied Universal? Company, has been awarded a £24m contract with Magnox Ltd
            Read more

            G4S Secure Solutions UK acquires TSS

            G4S Secure Solutions UK, an Allied Universal company, has announced the acquisition of T.S.S (Total Security Services), strengthening its position as a major UK provider of security services, with industry leading talent, expertise and market coverage.
            Read more

            Powering security for Aggreko in Bangladesh

            G4S is providing an innovative integrated security solution for Aggreko in Bangladesh, reducing incidents to keep Aggreko’s employees and assets safe.
            Read more

            Five Wells officially granted HMP Status

            The G4S operated and first purpose built resettlement prison has official been designated Her Majesty's Prison (HMP) status
            Read more

            Denmark's?Storeb?lt Link Toll Road Security?

            G4S manages the toll station operation of the Storeb?lt Link in Denmark - the Great Belt Bridge in English - ensuring the smooth and efficient movement of up to 56,000 vehicles a day.    
            Read more

            Security Officers:?Far from a normal career

            Noah Price, Head of the G4S Academy for the UK and Ireland, explains how security officers have evolved over the last decade, and the new ways in which modern day security can protect people and property. 
            Read more

            HMP Parc awarded advanced Accreditation by National Autistic Society

            HMP Parc is the first  prison in the UK to receive the National Autistic Society’s (NAS) highest accolade - the Advanced Accredited Award. 
            Read more


            Our free, online G4S Risk Assessment is the first step in our process to helping organisations understand their security risks in order to effectively develop appropriate and effective security risk mitigation solutions. Start your assessment now to receive your personalised G4S Risk Radar Report today.

            CAREERS AT G4S

            At G4S you are assured a world of opportunities. Our employees and services touch the lives of others every day. 


            or select a country


            Social responsibility

            As a global leader in security and related services, corporate social responsibility is very important to G4S and it forms a key part of our strategy. 

            Our CSR commitment

            G4S publishes 2020 Sustainability Report
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